Rental Decorating Ideas – Important Considerations to Make

Rental apartments will never look like the ones you would own because they leave little space to creativity and decoration. Well, the truth is, the landlord is the one that restricts your way into decorating the whole place. The landlord may be right when directly telling you and other tenants you have restrictions, because a rental should remain neutral. Tenants are different and they may not be interested in living in a floral apartment. However, even if you have a strict policy of decoration, you can transform your rental in a less boring place easily! Here is how:

Change your showerhead

Rentals usually benefit of slow showerheads that lack water. You can change that by changing it with a traditionally-mounted model or with a flexible handheld. You can find one at the local hardware store for a very low price. The effect is astonishing!

Organize your apartment

Organizing makes everything better! If you feel you have too much stuff and you do not know where to put it, it is highly recommendable that you try a pegboard. All the apartments in Lexington can use one of those for kitchen, closet, etc. So a pegboard is both functional and cute. For example, you can use it for the kitchen: hold your pots and pans on a pegboard and display them for your audience. It will help you make more space and you will be able to reach them easily!

Are you looking for wallpaper?

Wallpaper can make a room look nice and neat, but it usually requires a lot of work and it cannot be taken down easily. While painting the walls is not an option as well, what can you do? You can opt for temporary wallpaper. These “peel-n-stick” papers will make any room look extraordinary without damaging the walls at wall. When you decide to remove the paper, just wipe down the wall. However, consult with your landlord before doing this!

What about your kitchen?

Rental kitchens are usually small and annoyingly ugly. You can give the lexington ky apartments kitchens a fresh air with a simple trick. Take down the kitchen cabinet knobs and replace them with new, beautiful ones. Your kitchen will instantly look better and you will feel more comfortable cooking in it. However, keep in mind to keep the old hardware for when you will have to move out.

Replace the lighting

The lighting in a room can change the whole atmosphere. To make your apartment look more chic and young, you should replace the lighting. You can find chic and cheap lamps that will fit into your apartment just perfectly. However, keep the original lightings so you can replace it when you leave! And do not forget to talk with your landlord and have his agreement for the changes you are about the make. If he seems suspicious reassure them that these are just temporary changes!

The Best Tips on Apartment Living

Living in a rented apartment has its perks, but it can sometimes feel quite difficult. The apartment hunting is among the most stressful phases, but the actual living will be more difficult at times. The good news is that you can embrace it and find ways to make it better! Even the lexington ky apartments living can be improved through some smart tips!

Keep in touch with your landlord

The first step to a peaceful living situation is to keep in touch with your landlord and cultivate a nice relationship with him. In order to avoid future problems, you should be able to communicate with the landlord of your apartment and be able to tell him your complaints. You should also get everything in writing and get to know your rights. This way you will be happy and he will trust you more!

Save on rent

Rental apartments can be quite expensive, especially if you are looking for a nice neighborhood. However, you can save on rent easily by negotiating with your landlord. If you don`t have any noticeable competition, talk with your landlord and negotiate on stuff like pet fees, parking space, etc. You can also save on rent by choosing a less desired neighborhood or moving in winter when there is almost no competition.

Upgrade you apartment from time to time

Apartment living will actually become a living hell if you don`t upgrade it from time to time. It is quite frustrating to have a shower cap broken or the heating system not working. Doing nothing about it will only bring frustration in your life. Avoid any problems by upgrading things every six months. You can perform some temporary upgrades to make your apartment look better, and they do not even cost much.

What about your roommates?

If you are living with a roommate in one of the apartments in Lexington then you may have many things to deal with. You share the space, the rent, the bathroom, etc. You can easily ease the tension between you and your roommates by having a discussion to set the rules early. You should talk about your expectations, concerns, but also listen to their opinions and find common ground to work with. Compromises can go a long way as long as they are not frustrating!

Save on the costs

You can easily lower your costs by consuming less. However, other factors can influence the cost of your bills. Upgrade your apartment if you can and take some “energy-saving measures”. For example, you can install window shades, use efficient light bulbs, install a “programmable thermostat”, etc. These small changes will lower the price of your energy bill, which comes in handy at the end of the month! Make sure you consult with the landlord before making any major change!

What To Look Out For In A Rental

A rental is a temporary place to stay in until you can afford your own apartment. While some may consider rentals to be a bad idea, more and more people turn to them because they are good solutions for periods of transitions. However, finding a rental is not always easy and if you are not experienced, you can end up feeling frustrated by where you live. When looking for vacant apartments in ky you should pay attention to a series of things, such as:


The neighborhood is as important as the apartment you choose for several reasons. You should feel safe in the neighborhood you choose, comfortable enough to walk down the streets alone, you should have all the amenities you need close to you and it should definitely be close to your work or school. However, some neighborhoods are more pricy than others, and you may have to compromise sometimes, but is important to live in a place where you are happy. Write down a few features that are important to you in the area you live and find a neighborhood that will satisfy them!


The lexington ky apartments usually have a 6-months lease or a 1-year lease. It is entirely up to you on which kind of lease you choose, but it is recommended to choose a long-term lease. Here are some things to consider when you read and sign the lease:

  • The rental terms and amounts
  • The amount of the deposit
  • Damage Deposit
  • Key deposits
  • Guest policy
  • Length of occupancy
  • Parking policy
  • Termination requirements
  • If there are any utilities included in the rent
  • The monthly due date

Read carefully the lease before you sign it and pay attention to the terms of it. The landlord should not have the right to enter and leave without you knowing or accepting that. However, he should have a right to inspect and make reparations around the apartment from time to time, under mutual agreement!

Features you need

Before hunting down apartments in Lexington, you should make up a list of features you would like to have in your apartment. Think about how many bedrooms are you looking for, how many bathrooms, if you want it furnished or not, if you want roommates, if you need a parking space, etc. All these things are important because they will determine how your future apartment will look like. The search of the rental will be so much easier after you do that!

Check your budget

The budget is very important and while is not really a thing to look for in rentals, is still the most important thing that will influence where you will live. Therefore, think about how much can you afford to spend on rent every month without starving to death and search accordingly.

Renting An Apartment: Tips And Tricks

Looking for a rental can be stressful and sometimes tiring, and you can easily get screwed by mean landlords. You can avoid that by adopting a few strategies to make your searching job successful. Plus, you should apply a few tips and tricks and you will definitely find your dream rental. The apartments in Lexington for example are quite numerous but it can be difficult to find the perfect one for you. Look into these tips and tricks and you will definitely end up where you wanted.

Seek some help

Having some help when looking for rental will definitely ease your help! But where can you find this help while looking for lexington ky apartments? Well, there are numerous ways to get helped!

  • Ask around – Ask your friends and family about vacant places or good rentals they may know. You will be surprised of how many offers you can get this way;
  • Talk with a real estate agent – A real estate agent may be expensive, but is the best person to choose if you want to find a great rental. They usually know all the tips and tricks and all the good deals around the city. Therefore, this investment will be worth it!
  • Go online – Online is the easiest way to find rentals! Just search a keyword on an engine search, such as “rental apartments” and you will find several websites with offers. You can personalize your search by choosing favorite neighborhoods, number of bedrooms, etc.

Design a feature list and follow it

Another tip that will ease your search is to design a feature list. This will help you when you are looking for places, as it will make your perspective clearer. Note down how many bedrooms you are looking for, what area you prefer, if you want to have neighbors, etc. Once you wrote down all the essentials, you will only pick apartment with the features you are interested in, so you will have less places to visit!

Work on a budget

The budget is the most important thing when it comes to hunting down apartments. Why? Because some apartments are cheaper, some are more pricy, so you cannot just choose one based entirely on the features. You should be able to pay the rent every month, so is better to set a budget from the beginning and stick to it. If you find this quite difficult, set a minimum and a maximum sum you want to spend on a rent every month. This will help you search for apartments that you can actually afford! You should also expect some extra costs along the way, so is better to also have an emergency budget, just in case. You will be asked to pay third times the rent when you first sign the lease, you may have to replace some stuff in the apartment, buy furniture, etc.